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About SSPS

Established in 2003 on land of 20 Bighas as an English medium Co-Educational School. The school has been approved by Central Board for sec Education (CBSE Affiliation No.2131060) due to excellent educational standards and infrastructures. The school is committed to the philosophy of an education system where the CHILD COMES FIRST. Academic excellence is the most important, however importance of sports, arts , crafts, dramatics, music and dance can not be understated. Each child is different, an individual. The school believes that schooling be about independent development of each child with focus on identify latent talent (through VISION )and encouraging it (through DILIGENCE ) to achieve it (through EXCELLENCE). The school has left no stone unturned in providing the best infrastructural facilities to students with a lust- green playing fields, CCTV cameras in rooms, Wi Fi internet, smart class and numerous extra curricular sport and cultural activities etc.

Following are the two pillars of strength for Silver Stone Public School
1. Unparalleled Academic Excellence-
Our founders understand excellence and leave no stone unturned to create and nuture it . Our curriculum, teaching system and learning environment are unsurpassed- created by the best employ intuitive learning process whithing interative classes to promote motivated learning . We offer regular parent teacher interaction as well as in house career counseling to help identify innate talents and help each child reach his/her highest potential ! School has planned teacher-students ratio as 1:20 to deliver sustained quality of education and maintain academic excellence.

2. Focus ON TRUE 360-degree Development-
The 21st century calls for an all round approach to a child development. We focus on developing all aspects of a child personality to create a truly well rounded individual and intimately supervise to achive the same. We aim to inculcate fitness life skills and true Indian values from childhood. Our list of extra curricular activities offered includes aerobics, meditation, music , dance, debating and Board Room discussion on current topics, computer labs, well-stocked library, fully equipped science labs- amongst a host of others.

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